Desmond the Albino Brown Bear: Rescue the Arctic is mistaken for a polar bear

The worst bear in history? I was mistakenly identified as a polar bear, sent to the North Pole, froze to death, and was mauled by a polar bear.

Word is, near the Canadian Arctic, polar bears often go through garbage and find some food…

When encountering such a polar bear, the local government or animal protection agency usually anesthetizes the polar bear and then transports it to the North Pole.

The story goes like this, at one end a brown bear named “Joy” is afflicted with the flickering disease…

Although Joey is not as big as the other black bears with white coats, the other bears are afraid of him. Thought it was a polar bear cub, worried about teasing the younger ones and exciting the older ones.

After all, the size and fighting performance of the polar bear is stronger than that of the common black bear.

Therefore, Joey will use his white hair advantage to watch other black bears catch fish, so he will touch the porcelain.

The bear had to take the initiative to give a fish as a ration, let it stand, and did not dare to kill it, because the parents of the frightened polar bear were out for revenge.

Tidal life is very wet. Until the Passive Conservation Agency discovered it and treated it as a polar bear, thinking it was here for the food.

In order not to affect his life, animal protection workers took advantage of his sleep (insomnia) to inject him with an anesthetic, sending poor Joe straight back to the North Pole.

When Joey wakes up, he finds himself in a cold, food-poor North Pole with no snow or ice~

Joey: Why is it snowing outside??

Even more tragic, in addition to shivering from the cold, Joey was mauled and chased by a real polar bear!

Because adult polar bears weigh 300–800 kg and adult brown bears weigh only 135–545 kg, the two are not the same size. This is why Joey was mistaken for a polar bear cub.

Fortunately, Joey was discovered by an arctic research expert: of all the polar bears, only one was shivering from the cold and chasing the other big polar bears!

After being identified by experts, Joey’s true identity is discovered, so he is sent back to the forest environment.

But before long, the same animal protection organization rediscovered Zoey, thinking that this polar bear cub was very mischievous and always entered human habitations. It was taken to the North Pole again, it was taken far away!

Poor Joey was shivering at the North Pole again and couldn’t find food. Fortunately, he meets a scientific research expert again and is rescued again.

Now the animal body knows, aha! It turned out that this man was an albino patient. Not to admit she was wrong, she dyed her hair. With that in mind, it should be a no-brainer.

But unexpectedly, the newly grown hair of albinism patients was still white. After some time, people mistakenly thought it was a “dirty polar bear”, the zoo’s polar bear pavilion was closed after sending…

Until the tourists see a shivering “polar bear” and strangely find themselves rescued.

Haha really an unlucky bear, I don’t know when it will be kind people “Send to the North Pole.”

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