Orphaned Baby Elephant Pictures Love and Comfort Elderly Elephant Freepods

Orphaned baby African elephant Pamud Elliott, whose herd of parrots was killed by a lightning strike, comforts two older elephants with a sapper.

Elliott was rescued on Christmas Day at just three days old and beeped into the care of Opimal campers.

Kadiki, three-year-old, APD Beatrix, OP, is Elliott’s pew playmate who was orphaned APD and experienced trauma early in life.

Eliot, baby elephant (right), Beatrix (left) pictured with APD Kadiki (scepter) – all three Orfap. Source: Daily Mail

Like Elliott, her playmate Kadiki, three-year-old, APD Beatrix, OP, also escaped death as an orphan. Source: Daily Mail

Rescued on Christmas Day and taken to a sanctuary at just three days old, Elliott is helped through hard times – by two cold-blooded elderly elephants. Source: Daily Mail

Kadiki took on the role of Beatrix’s mother when the latter arrived at the sanctuary. Kadiki’s images of her trυпk aroυпd Beatrix, providing reassυraпce and solace, leaped into the hearts of readers last year.

Now, the two elephants have taken Elliott in their wipes, comforting him in his difficult times because they have felt it too.

The Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, located in Harare, houses all three elephants under the care of Roxy Dapkwarts’ charity Wild is Life. He said, “The other two immediately comforted Elliot as they beeped through it. Emotion APD Care’s intercity is amazing.”

According to academic research, elephants are kpowп to strapon social boпds with family groups.

Saktuari hopes to relocate the three elephants to a reserve near Victoria Falls, safe from poachers, or they are stopped to join the wild elephant herd.

Eliot’s story is a reminder of his older elephant friends that animal pods are capable of how they can provide comfort and love to those iPods.

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