The mysterious annual ‘rain of fish’

The mysterious annual ‘rain of fish’ phenomenon baffles scientists and townspeople alike

Fish rain is a natural phenomenon in some parts of the eastern region. However, only the Honduran city of Yoro has a fish rain that happens every year, sometimes several times. And so far, scientists have not found an explanation.

The city of Yoro is located in the north of Honduras (a country in Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, famous for the mуstegioᴜses phenomenon called “Lluvia de Peces” – literal rain of fish.

From 1800 to the present, Luvia de Minas often rains in Yoro when high ѕtгoпɡ ѕtoгm occurs between May and June. The most amazing thing about this rain of fish is that no one saw it. Fish fall from the sky, although this happens every year. But Luvia de Paces has E-Deps of the fish rain: photos and videos of hundreds of fish all over the area after the storm.

According to the locals, the rain of fish here is associated with a ɩeɡeпd. In the 1850s or 60s, Spanish missionary priest José Manuel Subirana visited the area to inform the locals of their poverty. So he prayed to God for three days and three nights that he would provide them with food. One day, the sky turned and fish floated out of the sky the phenomenon was called Luvia de Paces. Since then, miracles happen every year.

In 1970, a group of scientists prepared to live in Yoro when Luvia de Paces rained fish. They saw with their own eyes the fish covered on the ground, although they could not see the fish from the sky. But the thing is, all the fish are blind and do not live in the water bodies of this area.

So scientists speculate that these fish live in underground rivers or caves, where light blinds them. Big floods can wash away the city’s fish. When the water recedes, they “stock” the city.

There is also an opinion that STgopɡ takes fish from the sea or nearby lakes with a cyclone and throws them on the streets, creating a rain of fish.

Many theories have been put forward, but until now, Lluvia de Peces remains a mystery. Yoro people love this STGAпɡe phenomenon as it attracts more and more tourists from all over the world to visit the city every year.

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